Friday, 31 August 2012

Salhouse 3 Miles 310812 Map Ref 309145

Today a walk at Salhouse. From Norwich take second left turn after railway, turn right at Bell Inn and park in lay by.
Continue along road and on left is path signposted "to the Church".
Great views. Go through hole in hedge, turn left. As you approach the church take path to your right, signposted, over filed. At lane, turn left and then just past the farm go down the lovely track to your right which is just sheer delight.
This brings you to a busy road here you can turn left and walk south. There is a good verge to keep you away form traffic. Walk uphill to a sign on your right " Bear's Grove" railway crossing. Cross road and follow this to the railway. Please use great care at the crossing.
On the other side of the rail after 50 yards take the path on your left which will take you through a garden and onto a lane. Turn left, go under rail bridge and take the lane immediately on your right which follows the railway. At Redwing's Farm turn left onto track which will take you to the church of All Saints, Salhouse where you will find a perfect seat to enjoy your lunch. The church is pen to visitors so take time to enjoy the serenity of this lovely thatched house of worship.
Take the path past the church where you will end up where you started and return.
A totally lovely and fairly easy walk.
The Bell Inn served me an excellent cup of coffee with a smile! Thank you.

All Saints, Salhouse

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Coltishall 010512 3 Miles

Coltishall, Bure valley railway and a walk along the river Bure. A walk of celebration, today is a special anniversary for me.I did this walk on 260310 as a Walk for Health walk. Still lovely countryside, rolling fields, bird song with me for all the walk, delightful.

A health walk today starting from the Coltishall village hall car park in Rectory Road. Turn right out of the car park and then a left through Coltishall, past the pub, until turning left into a wide path, past a converted chapel, looked good, and onto a path overhung by trees. joining a road we eventually climbed a good few steps to take us onto the track of the Bure Valley Railway.
  This takes you under two beautiful red brick bridges and eventually to Coltishall Station where the stations buildings are now a Bed and Breakfast. Leave the railway here and a right turn at the end of the drive takes you back along the road to the Coltishall Island and the bridge. Cross a busy road and enjoy a wonderful walk along the gently flowing river. You can cross over the river by the sluice and return through a woodland path to the Coltishall Island and back to Rectory lane.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mousehold Heath 010412

This wonderful wood and heath is on my doorstep, how lucky am I? A late afternoon stroll in long shadows gave me the delights of birds song, a lovely walk and the beauty of trees of all shapes and sizes. In just 45 minutes my brain is refreshed but also calmed. Magic!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Norwich River Wensum 220112

A walk today following the river Wensum through this lovely city of Norwich. Starting from the Compleat Angler walk through their patio to steps taking you to the riverside walk. Anglers competing in a match on the bank opposite with huge fibre glass poles. Will the fish win?

 The path then takes you to Pulls Ferry, once the gateway for building materials for Norwich Cathedral including its wonderful stone. Further on a view across the playing fields of Norwich School with the cathedral behind. A quintessentially English view! I love it. Then on past Cow Tower to the new footbridge arcing across the Wensum form St James Place where the new Broads Authority building stands which is now linked to the Adam and Eve car park. How thoughtful of the planners to provide  a bridge so that Broads authority staff can easily pop over to the Adam  & Eve pub for a pint.
Cross Whitefriars bridge to walk along Quay Side with street furniture looking like old shipping crates that help to give the atmosphere of how this part of the city used to be. Cross over one of the the oldest bridges, Fye Bridge by the Ribs of Beef to walk to the Art College and one of my favourite cafes in Norwich where I am always served with a  smile and I can sit by the window, read a paper and watch the world go by. Bliss!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dunwich 250212 Ref 231 479706

Dunwich today with my friends, Trevor and Terry. From the main car park (not Dunwich Heath) we walked North, parallell to the beach. Hardgoing on shingle, you just know your leg muscles are going to ache later.
Continued for 1 1/2 miles intil a path to our left took us across the marshes to the woods. On through Foxbrrow wood and into Dunwich forest. Eventually crossed the road leading to Dunwich onto another path that takes you across the boarded walk (love that) to come out by Sandy Lane Farm. Then followed the track East that comes out by Dunwich church.
A great day, bright sunshine, Terry showed us Oyster catchers and a Marsh Harrier.
A good stretch but most enjoyable with good company.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Norwich River Wensum 220112

A walk today along the river Wensum as it winds through the wonderful city of Norwich. Started at the Compleat Angler where you can walk through their outside area and down to the riverside path. On the opposite bank a fishing match in progress with some anglers using poles nearly able to touch the bank on my side. Will the fish out think them and win??
On to Pulls Ferry where building materials for the Cathedral were brought by water including all those blocks of stone. During building this spot must have been  a hive of activity but now peaceful and tranquil. On your left you pass the playing fields of Norwich School with the cathedral as a backdrop. How quintessentially English this scene is, I value it greatly.
Past Bishop Bridge, past Cow Tower and the newly built bridge linking St James Palace where the Broads authority are now based and The Adm & Eve car park. How thoughtful of the planners to provide such an easy route for te Broads Authority staff to get to the Adam & Eve pub!
The bridge is an arc across the river with exposed rusted steel. It looks good.
Continue on to Whitefriars Bridge which takes you onto Quayside. Here street furniture made to look like ships cargo helps give an atmosphere of how life used to be here with ships loading and unloading. Further along is one of the oldest bridges in Norwich, Fye Bridge by the Ribs of Beef. Walking on from here takes you through an arch to the Art College. Here you can turn right to cross Balckfriars bridge or join me in  one of my favourite cafes next to st Andrews Hall. Sit by the window reading a paper, enjoying good coffee and watching the world go by. Sheer bliss! Cheers!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Coltishall 5 Miles-291211-2Hours 10 Mins

 Coltishall. Map Reference OL40 268205
  Today a walk along the Bure Valley Railway path and return beside the river Bure. Parked at Coltishall "station" car park. Only 4 spaces here that you can park in. The "NO Parking" signs everywhere refer to the part as you drive in. But to your left when looking at the track you will see a "Bure Valley Walk Car Park" official notice. Alternatively there are several other places to park in Coltishall.
  Walked West following the track. Navigation is very straight forward on this walk! The track follows beside the Bure Valley Railway which runs Nine miles from Aylsham to Wroxham and can be used by both walkers and cyclists.
  The walk takes you deep into the countryside  with  views across fields and past a rather austere Little Hautbois Hall which appears to be only accessible by a tiny track which has its own railway crossing.
  Approaching Buxton at a bridge there are steps taking you down to the river where you can walk under the bridge and walk back to Coltishall beside the river Bure. When you cross a small lane with a bridge the footpath continues on the other side of the river (Northern Side). Follow this Eastwards to return to Coltishall near to "Coltishall Island" petrol station and shop.
An enjoyable walk and the River Bure is lovely.